Fashion Recommendations


Computer Vision

Gwendolyn Rippberger

Master Student

Gwendolyn completed her bachelor in Media Informatics and Visual Computing at TU Wien, where she discovered a passion for combining technology with creative design. Now, she’s dedicating herself to her Master’s thesis, focusing on a comparative analysis of image captioning models for fashion datasets and exploring multimodal settings in fashion recommendations. This endeavor immerses her in the world of large multimodal models.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Gwendolyn has a keen interest in web development and UI/UX design. She’s always eager to learn about new trends and technologies that can make digital experiences more intuitive and visually engaging. Her educational background and ongoing research have given her a unique perspective on how digital tools can enhance user interactions and engagement in everyday life.

She’s excited by the potential of technology, especially in the fashion industry, and is always on the lookout for opportunities to apply her knowledge in practical and meaningful ways. Whether it’s improving website usability or delving into the latest AI advancements, Gwendolyn is committed to exploring how technology can make our lives better and more stylish.

Voluntary Engagment