• Publication at LREC-COLING 2024

    Our lab proudly announces the publication of “PopAut: An Annotated Corpus for Populism Detection in Austrian News User Comments.” Authored by Ahmadou Wagne, with support from Julia Neidhardt and Thomas Kolb, this work provides the first German-language corpus annotated for populist motives.The research, presented as a poster at the joint LREC-COLING conference in Torino, Italy, sparked engaging discussions and…

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  • Hands-on Session AI @ AK-Tag

    It was a pleasure for me to conduct a hands-on session on the possibilities, limitations, and challenges of AI at the AK-Tag 2024 [1] of the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK)! This showcase was created in collaboration with my colleague Ahmadou Wagne as part of our research in the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Recommender Systems.…

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  • Analysing Dynamics Over Time of Bias in Recommender Systems

    Author: Boris Staykov Supervisor: Julia Neidhardt, Co-Supervisor: Thomas E. Kolb Abstract Recommender systems play a pivotal role in personalizing user experiences across various domains such as e-commerce, news, and entertainment platforms. However, the presence of bias within these systems poses significant challenges, potentially leading to unfair treatment of users. This thesis addresses the critical issue…

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