Hands-on Session AI @ AK-Tag

It was a pleasure for me to conduct a hands-on session on the possibilities, limitations, and challenges of AI at the AK-Tag 2024 [1] of the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK)!

This showcase was created in collaboration with my colleague Ahmadou Wagne as part of our research in the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Recommender Systems. I would like to sincerely thank the BAK team, especially Luca Mak, for the invitation and the opportunity to showcase current developments in the field of generative AI and LLMs through a practical example.

The event gathered 150 experts from public administration, discussing the ethical and moral implications of AI. Highlights included keynotes by Philipp Blom and Sabine T. Köszegi, as well as two insightful panel discussions about the development of democracies under the influence of AI and the possibilities and dangers of using AI in public administration.

[1] https://bak.gv.at/news.aspx?id=2B434943635A774A7238593D


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